I thought for sure our summer was going to be in ruins.

This is my 5 yr old Alicia Slocum. She broke her arm while playing with an exercise ball with a friend of ours. I thought for sure our summer was going to be in ruins.  We were in the process of moving and I was going to spend a whole month at my grandmother’s who lives right near Lake Erie and also has a pool right in her backyard. Alicia is part fish I think so I thought what could be more fun.  I was so thrilled when I discovered your product. The customer service I got from Beri was above excellent. She talked me through my difficulties of getting the cover on and even sent me a new one when I accidentally ripped it. We had a blast this summer thanks to Alicia’s DryPro. We tell everyone we meet with a cast on about your product. Can’t thank you enough!

Mrs. Stephanie Slocum

Cast Cover at Lake Erie


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