Is Your Pharmacy Carrying DRYPro?

Is your pharmacy carrying DRYPro? If not, read below to find out how to increase your business immediately!
DRYPro Dealer
Why Dealers Love DRYPro
  • CASH Product: DRYPro is a unique and affordable cash product that customers ask for by name.
  • DESTINATION Purchase: Customers looking for DRYPro will likely purchase all prescriptions and medical supplies in one place.
  • MARKETING Support: We give retailers the tools to generate local referrals
  • STORE Appeal: Colorful attractive packaging and multiple display options

“Just wanted to thank you for referring customers to us. We have had 5 or 6 calls or visits about your product in the last 2 days!” – Barney’s Pharmacy, Augusta, GA

If your store is interested in becoming an authorized DRYPro dealer, visit our Dealer Page or e-mail us at
If you’re a customer and would like to find a DRYPro dealer in your area, take advantage of our Dealer Locator or call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-888-337-9776.

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