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  • My cast is irritating and itching

    One usually keeps a cast between 4 and 6 weeks. During this time, it is not uncommon that you feel itchy in your cast. An irrepressible desire to scratch this unreachable part of your body assails you! Come check out our tips to avoid scratching!
  • 5 expert tips for a care free summer

    #1 Tip for a Care Free Summer: DRYPro Cast Covers!  KSEE-TV Summer is coming and more people will be spending time outdoors with grilling by the barbecue and pool parties, but the downside is people are more prone to bug bites, bee stings, and breaking bones. Lifestyle expert, Annie Foreman, shares how you can still […]

  • Best Ways to Heal Broken Bones

    Have you broken a bone recently and are looking for ways to speed up your recovery process? With the help of increased antioxidants, nutritional support, and recommendations from your doctor, exercise proves to be one of the most important ways to promote bone and fracture healing. According to the article “How to Speed Fracture Healing” […]

  • DRYPro Customer Photo Contest

    Broken Bones are a bummer especially for kids, but DRYPro is making having broken limbs a lot more fun. If you have a picture or a great story to tell of a child in a cast, DRYPro wants to see it! The entrant with the most creative photo or story wins! Submit your picture by […]