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  • Keep a Close Watch on your Cast

    Your child will wear his/her cast for the necessary time of his/her treatment: it can last 3 weeks, 1 month or more ... The doctor will decide when to stop the treatment and remove the cast. At home, on a daily basis, you will have to be attentive to several elements to be sure that healing takes place in good conditions. Come check here!
  • My cast is irritating and itching

    One usually keeps a cast between 4 and 6 weeks. During this time, it is not uncommon that you feel itchy in your cast. An irrepressible desire to scratch this unreachable part of your body assails you! Come check out our tips to avoid scratching!
  • No Itchy Casts!

    Casts are a breeding ground for bacteria, especially when you are sweating in the summer time… Bacteria in casts can lead to itchiness that is hard to alleviate making them uncomfortable… That’s why you need DryPro Cast Relief Spray… It’s an all natural Probiotic (no alcohol, scent, or phosphates) spray that kills the bacteria that […]

  • Itchy Cast? DryPro Can Help!

    No one likes an itchy and smelly cast. Let DryPro’s two-in-one anti-itch and odor-eliminating cast relief spray help! Check out our flyer for more info.

  • Itchy, Smelly Cast? Two-in-one Solution

    Do you find yourself wanting to stick forks, pencils or other foreign objects down your cast to relieve that unbearable itch? Does the smell of your cast make you or others around you uncomfortable? DryPro has come up with a unique, two-in-one anti-itch and odor-eliminating spray. Cast Relief ™ is easy to use and allows […]

  • How to relieve itching under a cast?

    Want to relieve itching under a cast or splint? You’re in luck! DryPro, the leading waterproof cast cover, just launched Cast Relief – your itchy, smelly, cast solution Cast Relief ™ is a new, innovative aerosol spray that will soothe your intolerable cast itches as well as eliminate odors.  Cast Relief ™ can be applied […]