DRYPro Blogs

  • Willie the Whale!

    “I have taught swimming for 45 years and when I hurt my finger (mallet finger) I was told by the hand specialist that I would have to wear a splint for 10 weeks, I did not know how I would teach swimming this year.  The therapists told me to research the web to find swimming […]


  • Approval From Nurses!

    “I am a trauma RN who has seen hundreds of medical products. I honestly have to say, the DryPro cast cover is by far THE best! My five year old broke his foot one week before our planned beach vacation, this cover without a doubt saved our vacation. He swam under waves, boogie boarded, and […]


  • Years of Happiness with DryPro!

    “My husband and I had purchased a cast cover several years ago and were very happy with the product then. My husband is diabetic and suffers from foot ulcers so he used the cast cover to keep his foot dry while swimming in the pool. Eventually, after SEVERAL years, the air intake gave out and […]


  • Worth Every Penny!

    “All because of DryPro, I was able to enjoy my vacation in Mexico! The cast cover was relatively easy to put on and take off, although having the help of another person did make it even easier. I will admit that I was skeptical at first, so I decided to shower with the cast cover […]

  • Can’t Thank DryPro Enough!

    “My daughter, Kylinn, has a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  EDS causes faulty collagen, and effects nearly every system of the body. Kylinn can get injured easily, but she is always a trooper. In August 2015, she slipped off the swing and slammed hard on the ground. Paramedics had to come and get her […]


  • DryPro Really Works!

    “I am so thankful that I discovered the DryPro Waterproof PICC Protector. I was tired of wrapping my arm up like a meat roast using tons of saran wrap. It’s stress free getting into the shower knowing my PICC line will remain dry. I followed the directions as indicated; making sure the device is not […]


  • Excellent Product and Awesome Customer Service!

    “I bought the DryPro half arm cover shortly after breaking my hand. The cover worked perfectly as advertised, keeping my arm and cast completely dry even after hours completely submerged at Princeton Hot Springs in Colorado. When I lost the blue vacuum bulb, I thought the sleeve would be totally useless. After trying unsuccessfully to […]


  • DryPro Enjoyed By Flipper!

    “I ordered the cast cover for my very active 11 year old son who broke his arm two weeks before our beach vacation and was in a full arm cast. The cover worked great! He was able to go snorkeling, swimming, played on the beach and in the waves for 10 days. It literally was […]

  • Wow! So Impressed With DryPro!

    “Our family would like to thank you for saving our daughter’s summer! Dylan broke her arm and ended up having surgery. She was devastated and thought her summer was over. We have just arrived at our cottage in Canada and Dylan is enjoying the vacation as if nothing had ever happened. We are beyond impressed […]

  • Summer Saver!

    “Thanks to the cast cover, our daughter’s broken arm did not put a damper on our summer vacation plans. We’ve been at the pool, the beach, and the lake for two weeks without getting any water or sand in her cast! This cast cover saved our summer and brightened our daughters spirits! I’m so glad […]


  • Brilliant Product!

    “DryPro is such a brilliant product for young kids who are active! This product is so effective we all agreed it deserved a strong review. When our five-year-old broke his wrist we thought his vacation fun would be limited, but thanks to the waterproof cast cover he was in the pool, on the beach and […]

  • Thank You DryPro!

    “Thank you so much DryPro! My daughter recently broke a bone in her hand. She swims everyday either at summer camp or at our house so this was devastating news! I immediately went to the Internet searching for something… anything! My first click was DryPro, I saw the pictures and thought it was too good […]