Return Policy

Dry Corp, LLC return policy states that if the product is returned unused within 10 days a refund will be issued to the retail customer. Please refer to our Return Center or call the customer service department for instructions on how to return an item for a refund, 1-888-337-9776.

Outside the 10 day period, there is a 90 day product replacement warranty. The retail customer will be given a replacement for an item considered flawed or defective due to the manufacturer's design. Please email with a photo of your defect, along with your Order Number, so that we can get the replacement to you as quickly as possible.

Resellers- will receive a credit memo for any returned or defective product. Simply reach out to us with a picture of the defect and we will add a credit to your account for a free replacement on your next order. 

Unauthorized Dealers

Unauthorized dealers do not have official rights to sell a brand's merchandise, and our manufacturer warranty will not be in effect for unauthorized third-party sellers. Due to the questionable nature of goods sold by these sellers, the manufacturer discourages the purchase of such items. Most of these sellers are going to be on Amazon with low, attractive prices. However, if it says "Sold and Shipped by" then that is the only authorized dealer in which the warranty still holds.

If you have any questions or are unsure about the seller/warranty before placing an order, feel free to give us at call at