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Size Calculator


1.) Select Your Cast Type

Full Arm

Full Leg

Half Arm

Half Leg


2.) Measure Arm / Leg Circumference 2" Inches above the Cast
Enter Measurement Inches (ex. 8 or 7.75)

3.) Measure Length to End of Finger or Toes
Enter Measurement Inches (ex. 16 or 15.5)



Based on Your Measurements We Recommend :

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Size Charts

Full Arm Cast Covers

Arm Cast Cover

Model #

Arm Circumference


X-Small Full Arm


6 - 6.75 inches

16 inches

Small Full Arm


6.75 - 8.75 inches

23 inches

Medium Full Arm


8.75 - 10 inches

28 inches

Large Full Arm


10 inches & up

31.5 inches

Half Arm Cast Covers

Small Half Arm


7.75 - 10 inches

17.5 inches

Large Half Arm


10 inches & up

20 inches

Leg Cast Covers

Leg Cast Cover

Model #

Leg Circumference


X-Small Full Leg


7.5 - 11 inches

19 inches

Small Full Leg


14 - 16.5 inches

29 inches

Medium Full Leg


16.5 - 21 inches

33 inches

Large Full Leg


21 inches & up

37 inches

Half Leg Cast Covers

Small Half Leg


10 - 13 inches

21 inches

Large Half Leg


13 inches & up

23.5 inches

More on How to Measure

Measuring Circumference Measure the circumference of the arm or leg right above the cast. If the end of the cast is very close to the elbow, then measure mid-bicep (for arm) or measure mid-thigh (for leg). Do not measure around the cast ! Only measure around the skin of the arm or leg above the cast. Measuring Length Measure from the tip of the middle finger (or the bottom of the heel) to the top end of the cast. It is OK if the cast protector measurement is longer then the limb measurement. The protector will still work. Extra length will be removed when the vacuum seal is created.